Karen Dowley

Fieldwork Manager

Karen loves to talk on the phone so when she saw a leaflet looking for phone interviewers she knew it was something she would enjoy! After starting out part-time she gradually took on more hours and more responsibility, then went full time, and now years later is Fieldwork Manager and still loving every minute of the job. These days she is responsible for ensuring that company does the right number of interviews in the right time frame and to the highest possible standards. She mainly works on supervising CATI interviewers (though she still does some interviews herself from time to time) and is often involved right from the client briefings onwards. When not at work Karen can normally be found at home with the kids, visiting her in-laws on the Isle of Wight, or out indulging in some serious retail therapy. Things she loves in life include new pens and new stationery, reality TV shows, Dallas and Dirty Dancing and her favourite food is – what else – chocolate. When no one is listening she likes to sing One Direction tunes and in an alternate universe she would either be working as a teacher or travelling the world as an air hostess.

Email: karen.dowley@critical.co.uk
Telephone: 0203 643 9042

Karen Dowley
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