Respondent Guarantee

If you have been contacted by us it means that we were trying to conduct a research interview with you on behalf of one of our clients. The following information should help to answer any questions you may have about our call.


Critical Research is an independent market research agency established in 1991. Each year we conduct in the region of 300,000 telephone interviews for a variety of client organisations. Our clients are keen to improve the quality of the services they provide to their customers and via the research we conduct with their customers, we provide independent feedback on how well they are doing. You can verify we are a bona fide market research agency by calling the MRS (Market Research Society) on Freephone 0500 396 999.


We will probably have contacted you because you are the customer of one of our clients. Our client will have provided us with a sample of their customers to call.

If I take part in a survey for you will someone try and sell me something?

At no time will we or our clients try and sell any product or service to you as a result of you taking part in any survey we conduct. Neither will your details be passed to another organisation for selling or marketing purposes.

My telephone number is ex-directory and/or I am registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) so you should not have contacted me.

When our clients provide us with a sample of their customers it means we do contact customers who are registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or who are listed as ex-directory. And, legally, we are allowed to do this. There is no legal requirement to screen research samples against the preferences services (such as the Telephone Preference Service) when conducting market research. TPS is there to prevent unsolicited sales calls. A market research survey is not a sales call and as the programme contacts existing client customers it therefore does not come under the generally understood meaning of ‘unsolicited’ since it is not unreasonable for an organisation to contact its customers.

The ex-directory status means that a named customer cannot be traced through the telephone directories. It is not in itself a reason not to contact a customer, for research purposes. If companies did not contact ex-directory customers for feedback then any market research they commissioned would not be truly representative of their customers. Hence why customers who are ex-directory are included in the samples we are provided.

We hope this helps to explain the reason why we contacted you and how we had access to your contact details. If you have any further questions, please contact us on 020 8421 6600.

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